Anonymous asked:

How would you get started in crocheting?

I was taught the basics by my mother, but books and youtube videos can help!  I learned how to do amigurumi from watching how to videos on youtube!  It’s frustrating at first, but you just have to keep practicing and trying new things.  I also recommend this book:  

It’s super tiny and cheap, and is good at teaching new stitches and how to read patterns!

I hoped this helped a little!  

I’ve gotten a lot of animal crossing asks lately!

And a lot of them are anonymous, and I don’t want to spam my page  :)

So, here’s an AC FAQ!

  1. Pretty much all the villagers would be $55!
  2. I haven’t found one that I couldn’t make so far!  
  3. Shipping to the U.S. is $7.00!
  4. Shipping to most other places, $15!
  5. Commissions are open!
  6. Also, my Chief plush didn’t sell at JAFAX, so he’s available for purchase!

Anonymous asked:

Do you ship worldwide?

I try to!  I know it’s super difficult to ship to Spain, Brasil, and Russia right now, but I often ship things to Germany, Canada, and Australia.  Wherever you are, I’ll try to get your item to you, but shipping might be a tad costly. :)